Why May A CSA Be Right For You?

I’ve been buying my produce at grocery stores my whole life, why should I care about a CSA now, you ask?


1. Buying organic produce through a CSA is less expensive than buying at the grocery store, and the money you pay goes directly to the farmers and community people you know and trust.  That means you’re not paying for high overhead costs to an out-of-state store chain!

2. At a Certified Organic CSA, there are absolutely no synthetic pesticides either on or in your food that can cause disease and illness in humans!  The farmers who grow your food are also not at risk from concentrated forms of toxic chemicals!

3. Joining a CSA means supporting your local community and helping your area become more self-sustaining as a result!

Around The Farm… Why CSA?

Your CSA membership supports community children!

Due to CSA profits, Sweetwater is able to support the important work of educating Tampa Bay’s children on how their food is grown.  In the 2016 fiscal year alone, Sweetwater has educated an average of 6,000 school children!  Children who have gone through our field trip program have had hands-on experiences showing them how food is grown, and the deep connection to the environment that organic farming has.

Every CSA share that is sold directly benefits all children in the Tampa Bay Area who come through the Field Trip Program.  To read more about our Education Program, click here.  To learn more about our CSA Memberships, and how you can be a part of it, just click here

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