Live Music w/Rev Billy C Wirtz

March 26 > 12:00 pm

12:00 to 2pm: Rev Billy C. Wirtz He’s back! The one and only Rev Billy C, the Master of boogie woogie piano and Ambassador Supreme for classic gospel and R & B.  A positively powerful performer and consummate musician, his … Continue reading

Wild Fermentation: Making Ginger Carrot Sauerkraut–CLASS FULL

March 26 > 01:00 pm

Join Sarah Arrazola, owner and operator of St. Pete Ferments, for an afternoon of wild fermentation. In this workshop, participants will learn the basics of making a lacto-fermented (aka wildly fermented) sauerkraut at home using cabbage, sea salt, and seasonal … Continue reading

Live Music with Papos Fracissca

April 2 > 12:00 pm

noon: Papos Frassica John Papos Frassica is one of Tampa Bay’s finest folk troubadours. His Celtic roots bands the Laurentians and Celtic Calling have mesmerized audiences with their command of traditional folk music. Papos also is an accomplished songwriter whose … Continue reading

29th Annual PestoFesto Celebration

April 15 > 05:00 pm

Sweetwater Organic Community Farm is celebrating a wonderful harvest with our 29th Annual PestoFesto Fundraising Party. About this event Sweetwater Organic Community Farm is celebrating a wonderful harvest with our 29th Annual PestoFesto Fundraising Party.  The PestoFesto is full of … Continue reading

Make “Black Gold” Organic Fertilizer from Worm Composting

April 16 > 02:00 pm

Ever wanted a better and faster way to compost and create incredible organic fertilizer for your garden? Why not raise your own worms to break down your vegetable and fruit waste for you? This unique kind of livestock thrives on … Continue reading

Designing A Rainwater Collection System for Your House

April 23 > 01:00 pm

Flooding is becoming a bigger problem all the time, and clean water is becoming scarcer and scarcer. Everyone can help address these serious problems by installing a rainwater harvesting system at their home. With a little knowhow and a little … Continue reading

Free First Sunday Farm Tour

November 7 > 01:00 pm–May 7 > 02:00 pm

We love our farmers! Join us for an informative (and free) tour of Sweetwater Farm. This walking tour will include information on what’s in season, how our small scale farm operates, and organic agriculture. Please bring something to drink and … Continue reading

Vegetable & Fruit Crops for Your Summer Garden

May 7 > 01:00 pm

Want to learn more about fruit and veggies that you can grow at home this summer? Have questions about what grows in our Tampa Bay area and when to plant? Then come learn what you can grow & how! YES, … Continue reading

Sweetwater Sunday Farmers Market

November 1 > 12:00 pm–May 23 > 03:00 pm

“Sweetwater Sundays” offer a unique and authentic farmers market, live music, yoga, and a connection to the Sweetwater community. Continue reading

Gypsy Sunday w/ Urban Gypsies of Florida-EVERY 4TH SUNDAY

January 22 > 12:00 pm–May 28 > 03:00 pm

Gypsy Sunday Urban Gypsies 12pm-2pm Open Mic 2pm-3pm The Urban Gypsies in the house 12-2pm with open mic from 2-3pm. Vendors and volunteers can inquire by sending an email to Yoga from 10:30am-12:00pm **EVERY 4th SUNDAY OF THE MONTH- … Continue reading