Live Music w/Dumb Blind Luck & Mark Carufel

February 12 > 12:00 pm

noon to 1pm: Dumb Blind Luck One of our favorite Tampa Bay bands returns to the Farm with their jazz informed pop/rock sound that makes for an amazing musical experience! Dumb Blind Luck started with Bob and Cookie getting together … Continue reading

Farm French Breakfast

February 19 > 10:00 am

Start your day on the farm with a farm French breakfast, consisting of: Organic Coffee, Organic Tea, Fresh Milk, Fresh Pastries, Fresh Croissants, and Fresh Fruit. The French continental breakfast bar will be available from 10am-12pm. Breakfast with your farmers, … Continue reading

Permaculture & Prosperity: Cultivating True Wealth and Financial Resilience

February 19 > 01:00 pm

The foundations for building true wealth are outlined in the major permaculture texts, but we don’t pay nearly enough attention to them. Let’s take a deeper dive together and explore the tools outlined in permaculture that can help us cultivate … Continue reading

queen and colony beekeeper holding colony

Backyard Beekeeping 101

February 26 > 01:00 pm

Beekeeping is one of the most fruitful and rewarding hobbies you can have, and just about anyone with a yard can do it! Get to know how you can start your own backyard beehive with Queen & Colony Bee Co. … Continue reading

Artisan Pizza Making

March 5 > 01:00 pm

Back by popular demand! In this class, Greg Seymour, of Pizzeria Gregario will teach you some of the secrets to making the best pizza the way it used to be made and still is…back in Italy. When you’ve had the … Continue reading

Cheesemaking 101: Feta Cheese

March 12 > 01:00 pm

Cheesemaking isn’t as mysterious as you might think, but the process is really cool. You might not realize it, but you can make some really easy and delicious cheeses in your home with minimal effort and equipment. If you love … Continue reading

P’ushi: How to Make Gourmet Vegan Sushi

March 19 > 01:00 pm

Sushi is one of the fastest growing food trends in the USA, and the least sustainable because of the devastating effects of overfishing. The amount of CO2 emissions from transporting raw fish all over the world on a daily basis … Continue reading

Wild Fermentation: Making Ginger Carrot Sauerkraut

March 26 > 01:00 pm

Join Sarah Arrazola, owner and operator of St. Pete Ferments, for an afternoon of wild fermentation. In this workshop, participants will learn the basics of making a lacto-fermented (aka wildly fermented) sauerkraut at home using cabbage, sea salt, and seasonal … Continue reading

Make “Black Gold” Organic Fertilizer from Worm Composting

April 16 > 02:00 pm

Ever wanted a better and faster way to compost and create incredible organic fertilizer for your garden? Why not raise your own worms to break down your vegetable and fruit waste for you? This unique kind of livestock thrives on … Continue reading

Designing A Rainwater Collection System for Your House

April 23 > 01:00 pm

Flooding is becoming a bigger problem all the time, and clean water is becoming scarcer and scarcer. Everyone can help address these serious problems by installing a rainwater harvesting system at their home. With a little knowhow and a little … Continue reading

Free First Sunday Farm Tour

November 7 > 01:00 pm–May 7 > 02:00 pm

We love our farmers! Join us for an informative (and free) tour of Sweetwater Farm. This walking tour will include information on what’s in season, how our small scale farm operates, and organic agriculture. Please bring something to drink and … Continue reading

Sweetwater Sunday Farmers Market

November 1 > 12:00 pm–May 23 > 03:00 pm

“Sweetwater Sundays” offer a unique and authentic farmers market, live music, yoga, and a connection to the Sweetwater community. Continue reading

Gypsy Sunday w/ Urban Gypsies of Florida-EVERY 4TH SUNDAY

January 22 > 12:00 pm–May 28 > 03:00 pm

Gypsy Sunday Urban Gypsies 12pm-2pm Open Mic 2pm-3pm The Urban Gypsies in the house 12-2pm with open mic from 2-3pm. Vendors and volunteers can inquire by sending an email to Yoga from 10:30am-12:00pm **EVERY 4th SUNDAY OF THE MONTH- … Continue reading

Live Music w/ Wendy Barmore

March 13 > 12:00 pm–November 13 > 01:00 pm

Noon to 1 pm Wendy Barmore Wendy entered the New York music scene while still in her teens, playing regularly in many landmark clubs. Teaming with Michael Bonagura and Alan LeBoeuf, this popular trio toured the Tri-State New York area, … Continue reading