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Sunday Market is open! Every Sunday 12pm-3pm, during the summer @ Sweetwater Cafe We look forward to growing together. Thank you for your support. We look forward to a great season celebrating our 30th Anniversary!   CSA Harvest Shares available to purchase at the Sweetwater Cafe or at our online store: Sweetwater Organic Community Farm (square.site)

From the Veggie Fields

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June 6, 2024

Your online farm is open for the season! Sweetwater Organic Community Farm (square.site) Pickup at the Sunday market from 12-3pm.   Continue reading


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Sunday Market

Sundays from Oct 21 - May 26
Visit Sweetwater Farm for an authentic farmers' market from noon-4 pm.
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Cheesemaking 101: The Easy Cheeses, Chevre and Ricotta

July 28 > 01:00 pm

Homemade cheese might seem like a daunting skill to learn, but although some cheeses are very complicated to make, others are incredibly simple, and also delicious. You can learn to make homemade cheese a regular part of your home cuisine … Continue reading