There’s never a dull moment here at Sweetwater!

There’s never a dull moment here at Sweetwater!

In preparation for the next season, seeds have been ordered for planting, and we’re excited to share with you some of the new offerings!

Tasty brussel sprouts, snowy eggplants, butternut AND acorn squash, and tomatillos are among what’s new.

The tiniest of the list is the versatile tomatillo!  Yes, that’s right, tomatillos don’t just make delicious salsa verde for your tacos, but there are many ways to incorporate them into every meal, including HAPPY HOUR!

Click here to find 15 ways you can cook with the mightytomatillo and prepare for next season’s harvest!

Tomatillo Recipes

Around the Farm

The Farm is an ever-changing place.  We’re not only completing and beautifying the Native Plant Trail, but we’re adding more trail!

This week began the addition to the existing trail that will take you on a picturesque tour of Florida’s native plants with an educational component teaching about the importance of growing Florida-native plants.

Stay tuned to social medis for updates, we are so excited for the unveiling of the Native Plant Trail, you won’t be disappointed!

Native Plant Trail

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