We’re Coming In Hot

Our summer squashes are digging the rising temperatures this week.  Our first wave of zucchinis have already started to grow their fruit. We hope to play squash games very soon.

Squash Games (skwäSH ɡāms): An elaborate betting game played by resident Sweetwater farmers based on guessing the weigh of the entire harvest on a given day.  Sub categories include– most agile harvester (harvesting squash includes wielding a knife while avoiding squash rash from the sticky steams of the plant), can lift the most squash bins at one given time, and the squash seeking sovereign (can eagle eye spot  the most squash that are camouflaged with the plant or under leaves).
Origin: Tampa, Florida c. 2012

Simultaneously, the delinquent Fall Army Worm and Yellow Margin Beetle are soaking up the sun in our fields.  The Army Worm likes to chew on cabbages and the yellow margin beetle gets its kicks destroying greens.  As these crops move out of the season and we work towards mitigating the pest pressures we hope to have a good squash game season ahead.

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