Coming and Going

It’s that time of year when we have to start to say farewell to our 2014-2015 Farm Apprentices.  Casey and Hallie will have their final Sunday harvest and market tomorrow at Sweetwater.  They both are headed to an organic farm in California for the summer season.  Hallie brought an incredibly strong work ethic and knowledge base to the farm.  Casey was the problem solver of the farm being able to think on her toes, see what needed to be done and doing it whether in the field, educational programs, or kitchen. Both these farmers earn the prize of fastest harvester in 2014-2015. Please help us thank them for all their work growing healthy food this season and wish them a great farming journey as they move forward!

For the farm, we have good things coming too.  Looking at crops, the zucchinis and cucumbers are making their way into the shares this week.  Also, we have  added more workshops, tours, and events to our events calendar so please check it out and come on out.  Finally, PestoFesto is just three weeks away!  Get your tickets early for this basil-iful event!

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