Observe, Plan, Work, Rework

Observe, plan, rework, observe, plan, rework as you work, work, work.  That’s the cycle we are continually working through as a farm.  This week’s photo is an image of our field lay-out. Our farm team uses this as they discuss and plan where everything will go and when it will be harvested.  This week the crew is putting the final seed trays into the greenhouse as we plan the end of the season.  At the same time they’ve been working to set up drip irrigation for the water-loving curcubit and nightshade crops, and steadfastly trimming the suckers off our tomato plants.

As we continue to plan ahead, our 2015-2016 CSA membership opens to new members on April 1st.  Renewing members can still get a discount on their memberships up through May 31st.  It is amazingly helpful to have early membership sign-ups as it allows us to better plan ahead, get our seeds early, and work on projects through the summer such as preparing and turning compost and cover cropping our fields.  The CSA program at our farm also supports our educational programming by allowing more students to come out to the farm to learn where their food comes from.

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