Farm Report

Things have settled down quite a bit for the summer.  But, that hasn’t stopped the many critters around the farm from living life to the fullest! 

Yesterday, a friendly caterpillar reemerged as a beautiful black swallowtail butterfly to live in our growing butterfly garden.

We also met a mother muscovy duck and her five babies who now live under the cool shade of tall trees in the Sweetwater Creek. 

We’re excited to see our farm friends throughout the summer, so click here and here to learn more about them!

Around the Farm… And Florida!


Sweetwater is all about food, fun, and community.  

So, you may have recently read about the trend called Fleet Farming.  In Orlando, Chris Castro is working with the residents of his neighborhood and their ample lawns to create fleet farms that everyone benefits from.

Run solely by volunteers, Fleet Farming is not only beneficial to residents, but it also has brought a sense of community and purpose to the neighborhoods that take part in them.  

If you would like to read more about this new trend and how it’s impacting communities, then click here!
Fleet Farming


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