The Field of Farming

This week I had a happy surprise in my inbox– super sweet photos from the photographer Jeremiah Wilson.  One of the first is the newsletter photo this week of our farm apprentices harvesting radishes– you can look out for more in coming newsletters and on our Facebook page.  The thing that I really appreciate in Wilson’s photographs of Sweetwater and it’s dedicated farmers is that it shows the labor and life that goes behind everything that gets done each day.  The authenticity in each photograph is felt through the richness in color and the genuine actions captured.

From the fields this week, we’ll be seeing Tatsoi for the first time this season.  Tatsoi is in the Brassica family so it’s one of your nutritional dynamos.  The spoon shaped leaves are great in salad or many cook it up as they would use spinach.  I personally love dipping the long stems in hummus or you can make ants on the log with them for the kids.  On the horizon, we should have red mustard greens just in time for Valentines Day– adding a little spice to your love life.

If you’d like to get your hands dirty and help out in the fields we’re calling all volunteers for the morning of Saturday, February 7th.  If you have any questions regarding this volunteer day please reply to this email.

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