Warm Thoughts

Even though we are still in January we’re thinking of warm thoughts at the farm.  We’ve got the little greenhouse filled with our nightshade crops– Tomatoes, Eggplants, and Peppers.   Our small greenhouse is prefect for these warm weather loving crops as with its pitched roof and small size it holds the heat better than our larger hoop greenhouse.  We are already looking forward to Hungarian Hot Wax Peppers, Lunchbox Peppers, and Orient Express Eggplant.

And talking about plants loving warmer temperatures and of course warmer soil, how often do you think about the soil around you?  With 2015 being the International Year of Soil, the powers that be are imploring you to consider the soil and work towards improving it.  Soil is a non renewable resource that our lives collectively are dependent on.  Not only is it wholly necessary for healthy crop production, but all vegetation (think fiber, medicine, woodlands, fuel) as well as being a key component in helping to filter our water and fight climate change.  So let’s start this year off right by considering the soil.

Interested in more sustainable agriculture issues and emerging information? Check out next week’s USF Research that Matters Sustainable Food Conference: People, Policy & Practice and come say hi to us at our table in the exhibitor hall.

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