Just Neat

Edible flowers are one of those things that people just go crazy about.  Small kids on field trips, adults on farm tours, the fancy pants couple at the bourgie restaurant, and myself think they are just… neat.

The farm is abloom with edible flowers right now (borage, nasturtiums, Turkish mallow caps). One of which will be in the share this week are broccoli flowers.  Broccoli flowers are delicate, yellow clusters that can be eaten raw or cooked.  If you’re one of the outliers in society that aren’t impressed by edible flowers then consider this– a head of broccoli is entirely made up of premature flower buds. Just neat.

This week they let me escape the office and head to the Sprout Success in Your Classroom workshop by the folks over at Florida Agriculture in the Classroom.  At this workshop, new concepts to integrate nutrition and gardening were explored to help meet curriculum standards for the various grade levels as well as more hands-on learning activities and science experiments.  While I’m eager to share all the information with our Education Program Director, Chris, I am floored by the experiment to extract DNA from strawberries.   Look for new developments to our Field Trip and Farm Camp programs.

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