Provider Beans, Cosmic Carrots, and more to come…

The planting frenzy carries on here at Sweetwater as we fill our freshly tiled fields with Provider green beans. These green beans are not only as economical as their variety name suggests with high yielding plants, they are also quick to come! By April we all ought to be enjoying the crisp snap of these delicious bean pods. In the meantime, while we continue to harvest our Cosmic Purple carrots, many have been curious about their otherworldly appearance. The special hue of the purple carrot not only makes this veggie “kid-friendly,” it is produced by the high level of anthocyanins, an antioxidant, that are likewise found in blueberries. Also these danver classified, or shortly-rooted and fat, carrots are awesome for juicing!

Our CSA Membership renewal period begins this month.  Members, keep an eye out in your email in-box for your invitation to return for another season!  Membership rates and applications will be available soon.

New Members will have the opportunity to join us next season as well.  Beginning April 1 we will accept applications from all new members.


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