Renewal is just around the bend

Sweetwater CSA Members, keep your eyes and ears open for the start of our CSA renewal period.  In early March we will begin accepting membership renewal applications from our current CSA Members for our 2013-2014 season.  You’ll have the month of March to secure your renewal before we open the application process to new members on April 1.  Renewal information and applications will be available soon on our website and at the farm.

As we prepare for the warmth of spring harvest and the extravaganza of PestoFesto, we begun transferring warm weather crops to the fields. Bountiful bushels, or what we soon hope to be, of Genovese basil seedlings as well as Clemson Spineless okra, Ace bell peppers, and Black Beauty eggplants are now rooting into the soil here at Sweetwater. In tandem, we have been busy unfurling the masses of irrigation lines to accompany the newly planted summer squashes and tomato seedlings. Since both types of crops are particularly needy little collections of carbon and chlorophyll they become more susceptible to disease when watered with our modus operandi of over head irrigation, thus requiring drip line irrigation. Now, let’s twist our fingers in trust that the radical weather doesn’t bring any late frosts to the metropolis of Tampa.

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