Pickin’ Time

It’s that time of year where we are getting’ to pickin’. Our Provider Green Beans and Sungold Cherry Tomatoes are beginning to weigh on the plants as they come in abundance. These delicious crops that can be enjoyed raw or cooked are in demand and are demanding when it comes to harvesting. Now is a time when we need volunteers to come out to the fields and help us get our daily field work done and help with harvest. Volunteers are welcome Wednesday through Sunday and can meet us at 7:30am on Thursdays and Sundays and 8:00am on Wednesday, Friday and Saturday in the barn. Or if you have a group that would like to help out please respond to this newsletter. As we get into the warm crops we know the end of the season is approaching. Our Season Finale Sunday Market is on Sunday, May 24th. Mark your calendar to say goodbye for summer vacation to your favorite vendors and stock up on your staples. Remember CSA members, the share pick ups continue into June this year after the market. For the pick up calendar please click here.

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