Let’s Start

Let’s start a food revolution! Yesterday, May 15th was Food Revolution Day (don’t worry you can still be part of the revolution). The purpose of this day is to “put compulsory practical food education on the school curriculum.” As we see a growing number of children and adults suffering from diet related illnesses we know something has to change in how we relate to food. By educating children (and adults) on where their food comes from, what food is nutritious, and how to cook it we can create a change to help people achieve better health. You can check out the Food Revolution Day website and see how you can get involved.

Locally you can be part of a food revolution too. Encourage your kids’ teachers to work on food education in their classrooms and visit farms on field trips. Come on a free farm tour with your kids to see where food comes from. Adults can educate themselves by coming to gardening/ food related workshops, volunteer to see the real-time process of everything that goes into growing food, eat seasonally with a CSA, and visit a farmers’ market to talk to food growers and producers. While we work towards having food education in every school, we can start the revolution at home and with ourselves by acting and thinking in our community.

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