It’s a Pesto Kinda Day

Boy oh Boy, today is our biggest celebratory fundraiser of the year, PestoFesto!  We’ve already had teams of fabulous volunteers come to clean basil, set up tables, cook pasta– and we’ve got more to come!  This year we are anticipating over 250 guests in tow to enjoy a delicious pesto pasta dinner, organic salad, live music by the Urban Gypsies, and raising money to support the farm’s mission.  We’ll still have tickets at the door until they sell out for dinner, and all are welcome at 8:30pm to enjoy the party for just $5 (think music, dancing, and drinks, or you may know it as– the perfect Saturday night).

If you can’t make it out today and want to support the farm in your own way please contact us. We are looking for great volunteer Field Trip Guides and farm volunteers.  You can also support the farm by becoming a CSA Member or making a monetary donation.

Well we’ve got to run back to getting everything ready for the festivities, we hope to see you all tonight!

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