Let Us Celebrate Lettuce

The lettuces are gorgeous!  We have had an awesome turn out of a variety of lettuces this month.  Not only does fresh lettuce make for the best salads you can create but it also gives us a wide range of vitamins (think about your ABCs) and minerals (Iron, Calcium, Magnesium).  Don’t forget you can get creative with your lettuce beyond salad with recipes like lettuce soup, grilled lettuce, and lettuce wraps.  If you have a great lettuce recipe please send it along to share to recipes@sweetwater-organic.org

Besides turning out great lettuce this week the farm crew has started to remove the winter crops from the fields.  Today they and a great volunteer group removed the cauliflower and cabbage stems and roots from the fields to throw in our compost.  In their place the team will continue to plant more of the warm weather crops.  The zucchinis and cucumbers are coming along nicely and the first batch ought to be coming in 6 weeks.

As we look forward to the warm weather crops, we are also looking forward to Pesto Festo!  As we plan for this event (with added basil themed activities this year) we are looking for donations of working string lights and toy Tonka trucks.  If you have any of these items please drop them off at the farm or email Kaitlin at programs@sweetwater-organic.org

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