Motley (Cucumber) Crew

Our cucumbers are starting to roll off the plants! We have quite the nice crew of cucumbers this year: Suyo Long (Asian Cucumber), Boothby Blonde (Yellow/ Lemon Cucumber), and General Lee (English Cucumber).  The Suyo Long cucumber has a spiny exterior and is often curled. The Boothby Blonde is my personal favorite and ranges from a yellow to golden brown color. The General Lee is the cucumber you are used to seeing in the grocery store and a solid staple.

Goodness gracious PestoFesto is only a week away and we are seeking wildflower seekers! For our centerpieces at the dinner each year we harvest flowers from the farm and wildflowers in the Tampa Bay area. You can help make them diverse and beautiful by bringing us wildflowers and landscaping flowers. Drop them off at the farm anytime between 9am-8pm on Friday, May 1st or 9am-3pm on Saturday, May 2nd to have them incorporated into the pesto party. Some that are in bloom now are Elderberry, Hibiscus, Gardenias, Magnolia, Bougainvillea, Pickerel Weed, Bottle Brush and Crepe Myrtle. If you’re interested in doing this please reply to this newsletter.

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