Love your veggies, they love you.

Our vegetables show us their love in many ways. As we are surrounded on this day of flowers, lacy/ sparkly/ blinking/velvety things and sugar headaches (or lacy/sparkly/blinking/velvety headaches maybe) we ask ourselves what we can give to or how we can share the love with those that are special to us. We hope that our farm has given you some warm and fuzzy feelings over the year as well as good eats because right now our farm needs some volunteer love.

As the sun is up and out longer each day not only are our veggies growing faster but so are the weeds.  We need some serious volunteer power to keep up with the daily tasks and keep the weeds at bay.  If you can, please join us at the farm to volunteer as you are able Wednesday-Sunday.  For morning meeting times please click here

If farm work isn’t your thing, our Farm to Table dinner fundraiser is just around the corner on Saturday, March 7th and we need a load of volunteers to help with everything from set-up, food prep, food service, parking, to tear down.  Please respond to this newsletter email if you are interested in pitching in.

Thank you all for your lovin’ support of this community farm and we wish you a Happy Valentine’s Day.

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