It’s Not Too Late For The Discount

All returning CSA Members, it’s not too late!

You still have the opportunity to renew your CSA Membership for the 2016 – 2017 Season at a discount!  Discount rates end at the end of May, so hurry up and make sure to receive another year of delicious, organic vegetables for even less!

Just click here to renew your membership, or to become a new member!

Around the Farm… And the World!
As any farmer can attest, keeping our plants alive and thriving throughout the season is a tricky job!

So many things can go wrong, and it’s difficult to diagnose when something unexpected happens that prevents our crops from thriving. Three researchers at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology are developing a reliable phone app to detect and diagnose disease in plants

with just a picture from a smart phone.
The developers hope to harness the knowledge of farmers from all over the world to provide accurate diagnoses for plants.  Click hereto read more about this innovation that could revolutionize farming!

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