Heat Wave!

It’s getting pretty hot!  

It’s that time of year in Florida again, when all we can think about is when “winter” will be back again.  We count down the days to the next cool day of the year!  

At Sweetwater, our growing season is almost coming to an end.  Soon, it will be too hot to grow any produce.  That’s why all of the baby plants that were once nursed in the greenhouse have all been planted in the farm!

We’re ready to grow the last of our very best produce for your eating pleasure!  They’re all growing for you! 

Around the Farm… And the World! 

Easy access to nutritious food is a big problem in many parts of the world, and in many communities.  As a non-profit education farm, we struggle with this issue as well!

In Toronto, a coalition of social entrepreneurs have come together to convert unused metro buses into mobile produce markets, that are then driven straight to low income neighborhoods!  

Read more about this extraordinary program by clicking here.

Mobile Market

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