Live Music w/ Unpainted Souls

noon to 2 pm Unpainted Souls

At the core, Unpainted Souls is about life and the artistic expression of life’s struggles and joys. Musically, band leader Billy Whiting explores that place in music were style is not as important as how the listener interprets the music and is engaged by it. So how best to describe Unpainted Souls? Think Hank William’s Blues Come Around When the Sun Goes Down, because in it you will find country, jazz, blues and a touch of rock and roll…..likewise Unpainted Souls casts a wide net stylistically. Billy played professionally in the 434th Army Band but is mostly known for leading and playing worship in Tampa Bay area churches and of course fronting the Unpainted Souls band. Their music is a colorful kaleidoscopic mix of rock, blues, folk, bluegrass, old-time, and jazz.  To watch them perform is to be transported and find your own soul uplifted,

“Deep, thoughtful lyrics, interesting, and sometimes playful melodic lines…Unpainted Souls’… commitment to intelligent, non-commercial music is appreciated and welcomed. I’m already waiting for the next CD!”  by Hamlet’s Father’s Ghost,  ITunes review.