Medicinal Herb Walk with Bob Linde at 1PM and 3PM

October 2 > 01:00 pm

So many of the plants that grow wild around us are not only edible, but with a little knowhow can be used to treat your health ailments. Enjoy learning about the edible and medicinal plants that grow wild in our … Continue reading

Live Music with Rev Billy C. Wirtz

October 30 > 12:00 pm

noon to 2pm: Rev Billy C. Wirtz There can be only one – and the Rev is the Master of boogie woogie piano and Ambassador Supreme for classic gospel and R & B.  A positively powerful performer and consummate musician, … Continue reading

Organic Gardening 101: Winter Edition CLASS FULL

November 6 > 01:00 pm

Longtime Sweetwater farmer (now retired) Rick Martinez reveals his organic gardening secrets and tips in this incredibly informative workshop. Rick is also very entertaining! If you are a beginning gardener and want to know how to grow some great produce … Continue reading

Artisan Pizza Making With Gregario CLASS FULL Watch for pizza nights

November 13 > 02:00 pm

Continuing our series of workshops for foodies wanting to make use of great produce from their garden or the farmer’s market, in this class, Greg Seymour, of Pizzeria Gregario will teach you some of the secrets to making the best … Continue reading

Cheesemaking 101: Learn Cheesemaking and Make Fresh Mozzarella CLASS FULL

November 20 > 01:00 pm

Cheesemaking might seem like a total mystery. How do you turn milk into this delicious textured food with so many varied flavors and smells? You’ll learn the basics of cheesemaking while making mozzarella cheese in this demonstration class. We’ll take … Continue reading

Wild Fermented Soda-making with Sarah Arrazola

November 27 > 01:00 pm

A wildly delicious beverage, fermented soda is an economic and simple way to capture Florida’s seasonal fruits and botanicals. In this workshop, we will create fall inspired flavors of wild fermented sodas. We will learn a few applications that fall … Continue reading

Terrarium Take Home Class

December 4 > 01:00 pm

The best way to experience terrariums is to make them yourself. Almost like a mini greenhouse, terrariums are small glass containers filled with a beautiful display of soil, plants, and its own small ecosystem that you get to create and … Continue reading

Home Winemaking 101

January 8 > 01:00 pm

Did you know that you can ferment wine in only a couple of weeks? A lot of people don’t know that making your own wine is really easy and can be a fun hobby. Usually wine is made from grapes, … Continue reading

queen and colony beekeeper holding colony

Backyard Beekeeping 101

February 26 > 01:00 pm

Beekeeping is one of the most fruitful and rewarding hobbies you can have, and just about anyone with a yard can do it! Get to know how you can start your own backyard beehive with Queen & Colony Bee Co. … Continue reading