The Regeneration Handbook: Presentation, Q&A, and Book Signing

July 6 > 07:00 pm

In the face of mounting environmental, economic, and social crises, more and more people are waking up to the fact that the status quo is no longer an option and genuinely want to help bring about a just and regenerative … Continue reading

Cheesemaking 101: The Easy Cheeses, Chevre and Ricotta

July 28 > 01:00 pm

Homemade cheese might seem like a daunting skill to learn, but although some cheeses are very complicated to make, others are incredibly simple, and also delicious. You can learn to make homemade cheese a regular part of your home cuisine … Continue reading

Sweetwater Summer Day Camp

July 29 > 09:00 am–August 8 > 04:00 pm

Sweetwater Summer Day Camp Garden! Explore! Discover! Creatively explore an organic farm through hands-on experiences with plants and seeds. Fun place-based activities will introduce children to gardening. Plant and harvest vegetables, feed chickens, and dig for worms! Nature walks, science … Continue reading