Live Music w/ Michela Musolino

noon to 2 pm: Michela Musolino

Sicilian-American singer Michela Musolino has been internationally lauded for her unique ability to reimagine Sicilian folk and roots music,  at times  even alchemized with renowned American musical genres, to mirror the history and movement of people and their musical traditions from the Old World to the New. 

Musolino has sung in medieval castles and Sicilian temples,  NYC landmarks and national folk festivals drawing in disparate listeners and connecting them in a brotherhood of shared raw human emotions and experiences, all expressed in the songs of her repertoire. 

Michela Musolino, with voice and frame drum sings, songs of daily life, songs of feast days, songs of protest, and songs of love…songs that make your heart sing and your feet dance! 

Michela Musolino: Vocals : Frame Drums
Fabio Turchetti: Acoustic Guitar; Accordion
2 pm : Open Mike