Introduction to Essential Oils

Join instructor Ruth Egli, who was born in the US and after graduating from Ohio State University, spent over 3 decades living and working in Europe as a dental hygienist. She has always been fascinated by the power of plants and our close partnership with them throughout the ages. Upon returning to the US, she received certification as a clinical aromatherapist. She shares her love of essential oils through group classes in many settings.


Essential oils are a precious gift from Nature and have been used by human beings for thousands of years. Lavender and peppermint, familiar to many people,  are just two of the many that we can use as tools for health and well-being. We will learn their history, where they come from, and how we can use them in everyday life for ourselves, our families, our pets and even in our gardens. 



This 90 minute event is Free and Open to the Public. This is an RSVP only event.