Easy Worm Composting for “Black Gold” Organic Fertilizer

Ever wanted a better and faster way to compost and create incredible organic fertilizer for your garden? Why not raise your own worms to break down your vegetable and fruit waste for you? This unique kind of livestock thrives on organic waste, can be raised by the tens of thousands in your backyard, and will produce large amounts of incredibly rich organic fertilizer in a short time.

In this workshop you’ll learn how to set up your own backyard vermiculture system. You’ll learn how to acquire the basic equipment and source the waste products to feed your worms. You’ll learn about what the best food is for your worms and the conditions they need to produce the best worm compost.

Raising worms and keeping them healthy and alive can be tricky. Instructor Albert Risemburg has an “unpatented” method for raising worms in old bathtubs. But he will only share it with people who follow his method exactly, because it is key to keeping your worms thriving in the Florida heat. The method involves minimal effort but will produce a good amount of black gold worm casting fertilizer every month. With his method you will have an easy routine and recipe for keeping your worms happy and abundant, and keeping yourself flush with worm castings for your garden.

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