Our first week was Sweet!

The first week of harvest and member pick up was very successful, good to see all our continuing members, and very nice to meet many new members. Good job Week A members! Please be sure to sign in every time you pick up your share, and only pick up on your designated week. This will help us keep track of shares and make sure we have enough veggies for all of our members. Also be sure to only take the amount on the chalkboard for each item since we harvest just enough for a given amount of people. When folks take more, that means other members miss out. There will be farmers around the pick up area to assist if you have questions.

We are finally enjoying some well deserved cooler weather which makes it much easier to work out in the fields. Come out and enjoy one of our Sunday Markets. We had our Grand Opening last Sunday and everyone had a great time. Pictures will be on Facebook soon!

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