Everyone did a great job.

Our first full two weeks have passed and everything seemed to go pretty smoothly!  You should have picked up and started to enjoy at least one share by now.

Weather is staying cool and our root crops are getting happier and happier. Our delicious sweet carrots are very close to harvest time, yum and so are the daikon radishes and beet root. So look for them in the share in the next couple of weeks.

Hope you are all enjoying those green beans, this has been one of the best yields of green beans we have seen in a while and they sure are tasty.

Those of you that do not have a compost bin in your yard are welcome to bring your kitchen scraps (veggie only) to the Sweetwater compost bin located in the chicken yard behind the barn. Place items inside the lidded bin and all the bacteria and microbes will transform that waste into valuable compost. Let’s keep valuable organic material out of the landfills.

Reminder to new members that we do not have parking on Comanche Avenue in front of the farm. This is to respect our neighbors wishes. Parking is available across the creek on Comanche Ave. or through the back gate parking on Mohawk Ave.

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