And our Season Begins!

We are very excited to start another season of fresh vegetable harvest and community building at Sweetwater. Thank you all for supporting this community, we have sold out of memberships in record time this season.

All our farmers and volunteers have been working very hard for several months now in preparation of this harvest. It has been a little tricky without any rain for the past couple of months but even so the crops are growing well. Thank you to the new members that have already come out to volunteer in the fields, your help is greatly appreciated. Looking forward to seeing you all at the farm.

Remember to bring your own containers on pick-up days, be creative, you can use baskets, coolers, re-usable bags etc. We harvest fresh for each pickup day, so if you can not make it to your pickup just send a friend or family member. Shares cannot be made up, any left overs at the end of the day will be donated to a local food bank.

We will have a “help” table set up at the first few pick-ups for anyone who missed the orientation and needs assistance or has questions.  If you have a full membership, you’ll be picking up this week.  If you have a half membership, you are picking up if your last name begins with A-K.

This week we are harvesting Turnip greens, they are tender leaves from young plants. They can be cooked the same as collard greens or just added to your stir-fry or soups. Have fun and be creative.

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