Welcome 2011…

Hope everyone had a fun and safe New Year!

Thanks to all this great cold weather, the broccoli is finally ready to be harvested and it is delicious. This week we will again have beet roots in the share. The bunches come with the greens which can be eaten raw in salad, juiced or thrown in soups. One of our strangest looking vegetables we grow is the Kohlrabi. The name means cabbage-turnip and refers to the taste. The stem, leaves and bulb of this vegetable can be eaten raw or cooked in as many ways as you can imagine. Very popular in eastern Europe, it is mostly eaten raw like an apple. My favorite is to cut the bulb into ‘raw chips’ for dipping and then adding the thinly chopped leaves into a salad.

Special thanks to those members that have helped us in the field these last couple of weeks. Your help is greatly appreciated and it is a pleasure to get to meet and farm with you all. Hope to see more members out in the field experiencing organic food production first hand. We are a community, let’s grow together! Peace and Love!

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