Healthy New Year!

Welcome to the new year, may it bring us health and happiness and a bountiful crop. We have just experienced our third frost of the season. Not to worry – the crops are either cold hardy and enjoying this weather or protected under frost clothe.

Joi Choi is my favorite of all the Bok Choy’s. Its crunchy white stem is delicious cut up small in a salad, chopped in a stir-fry or smothered with peanut butter. And don’t through the leaves away, toss them in a salad or over a soup or stir-fry at the end of cooking. Also save the beet greens as a tangy addition to your salad. This week we are in need of volunteers to help with the seedlings in the greenhouse. This is a very meditative task that can be accomplished will sitting on the picnic tables. Please join us Thursday, Friday or Sunday.

Happy eating, Peace

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