We did it! And other good farm news.

On August 1st a Friend of the Farm set up a CSA challenge for our farm– to receive 50 CSA memberships in 60 Days to receive a $5000 donation. We are pleased to announce that we beat the challenge with 3 weeks to spare! Thanks to your help in spreading the word about our farm and the support of our community, the farm will receive this generous and important donation.

You can still participate in the second Refer a Friend Challenge until October 1st. Anyone who refers someone to our CSA program will receive $50 for a new Full membership sign-up and $25 for a new Half membership sign-up. You can refer someone whether you’re a CSA member, non-member, advocate, market supporter, field volunteer, local business owner, student…it doesn’t matter! There is no limit to the amount of people you can refer or the amount of money you can get for the referrals. The CSA referral program challenge ends after we reach 50 new memberships or October 1st, whichever occurs first.

In other good news, we are happy to announce that our Sweetwater Sunday Market is starting early this season! Join us for the Grand Opening of our Sunday market on Sunday, October 19th. Say hello to all your favorite local vendors and farmers while enjoying live music by Judy Tampa with Bunko Squad and Ronnie Elliot. The market goes from 12:00-4:00pm with music from 12:30-2:30pm.

Finally, they’re coming…

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