Sweetwater Plants Eyes!

Cut the eye, chuck it, and cover it up…It’s potato planting time!

First, we get our seed potatoes,yes they are different from the potatoes on your plate, from Wood Prairie Farm.  Then we chop up each potato into 1.5 ounce pieces that have at least one eye on each piece.

We drag our prepared potato eyes into the fields where they are planted into long furrows. Potato PlantingThe chopped pieces are chucked into the furrow where they are promptly covered with soil.  After the dirty work we wait for theYukon Gold to crimson Caribe potatoes to be ready for harvest.

After a hard day of work on a cold, rainy day, Sweetwater farmers eat pizza!

Farming can be hard, especially when the weather’s gloomy.  That’s why sometimes, it’s important to treat ourselves with something that everybody loves!  Sharing a hot, cheesy pizza on a gloomy day is a great way for farmers to bond and cheer-up to finish harvesting the delicious produce our community loves so much!

So, if it’s gloomy today, or maybe you’re just grumpy, consider making a homemade pizza to share with the people around you, and top it with the tasty herbs and veggies you bring home from either the Sunday Market, or as a CSA member!

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