Certified Organic Who?

Meet Farm Apprentice Jess:

Hey what’s up? I’m Jess. Long story, short. Graduated high school up in CT and went Jess Farm Apprenticestraight to college. Got my bachelors in Exercise Science and realized that I wasn’t feeling it anymore. Took two years off and helped open and managed an organic burger joint. Visited St. Pete to attend a meditation retreat to meet one of my mentors. Promised myself that “I would be back in Florida in one year. I don’t know why, how for what reason but I’LL BE BACK!” Started realizing that I found the simpler life of farming to be very appealing. Found Sweetwater in exactly one year and the rest is history.  Check out her blog at: http://www.certifiedorganicjess.com/

Meanwhile, outside around the farm…

You know that stash of plastic bags engulfing the cabinet under your sink? The one that Feed Me Plastic Bagsseems to grow and become out of control like a gremlin (rule #2 don’t get them wet).

We want them.

Bring your bag stash to the farm so they can be used to carry fresh vegetables home from CSA pick ups and the Sunday Market.

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