Shop the Farmer’s Market this Holiday

It’s that time of year again.  You can feel it.  Thanksgiving is over and families are trying to get back into their routine.  But looming, just around the corner, is another holiday.  It is exhausting to think about.  The planning, and cooking, and cleaning, and shuffling kids around, and the shopping.  The dreaded shopping… sigh…

But have no fear – the Sweetwater Sunday Market is here!   Think about the wonderful gifts you can give your family and friends.  Truly beautiful gifts because they don’t come from a big box store or a web page.  They come from local people.  Friends in our Community that have taken the time and the care to create them, just for you.

Please visit our Market Vendors this Sunday (and every Sunday through the end of May) from 12:00-4:00 and support LOCAL.  Bring a friend, enjoy the live music and a fresh fruit smoothie… and do all of your holiday shopping face to (smiling) face.


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