Happy Thanksgiving!

At this time of year we are reminded how thankful we are for the many supportive members and friends we have at the Farm. It is because of you that sustainable agriculture thrives in Tampa, Florida. Since 1995 Sweetwater has provided the freshest, local, certified organic veggies in Tampa Bay. Thank you for being part of our community.


This week we begin harvesting Hakurei Turnips at the Children’s Home farm. These turnips are very sweet and can be prepared in many dishes or even eaten raw. The greens of the turnips are also delicious and packed with tons of vitamins too! The edible marigolds, Lemon Gem and Tangerine Gem, will also be harvested this week. Edible marigolds can add fun and color to your meals-try adding them to your Thanksgiving meal in a salad, deviled eggs, or sprinkled on top of dessert or even on the table as edible decoration!


Happy Thanksgiving Everyone.

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