PestoFesto is the best-o!

We’ve been growing basil – nurturing it, watering it, coaxing it to grow-grow-grow!!  PestoFesto is this Saturday (the 30th) and we need our precious basil to be at it’s best.  We’ll spend Friday morning harvesting this lovely herb.  Friday evening plucking it’s leaves and inhaling it’s earthy smell.  Saturday the basil will chill in the cooler so that it’s just right for our volunteer “pesto cooking team” to make our famous Sweetwater Pesto (Rick’s recipe) for our 19th annual fundraising party – PestoFesto!  A time when we truly come together as a community and celebrate the people, the veggies, the music, the art, the place, the idea, and the time – that is Sweetwater.  It’s our favorite time of all.  Hope you will join us!

Only five more weeks left of the CSA harvest season. In May you can expect to see potatoes, cucumbers and tomatoes in the share. We just tasted the first Sungold tomatoes this week and they are very sweet, we hope to have enough for the share in about a week. Hope everyone enjoyed all the Kohlrabi this season, one of my favorite Sweetwater vegetables. I enjoyed hearing everyone’s creative ways to prepare it.

The weeds continue to grow very vigorously, I’d like to make another call out to folks to come help us pull lamb’s quarter, amaranth, galansoga and sedge. You can either show up at the farm at 8:30am between Wednesday and Sunday or e-mail our Volunteer Coordinator to schedule other times.

Hope everyone has a wonderful week. Peace

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