New Parking Policy!

Our small urban farm brings so much to so many people.  From fresh organic veggies to an old-fashioned gathering place, and many things in between.  After 20 years of farming and growing, we have reached yet another new milestone.  We have more parking!  I know, it doesn’t sound very exciting, but for those of us that stress about the happiness of our neighbors or the well-being of our vehicles, the fact that we have added another 90 parking spaces brings big smiles to our faces.

For years we have put “Parking” and “No Parking” signs out on the street, and handed out parking maps, and put notices in the newsletter to discourage folks from parking along the street in front of our neighbors houses.  (We are in a residential area after all.)

Last Sunday one of our neighbors finally had enough and called the police to have cars towed from in front of her house.  It was bound to happen, and will no doubt continue to be a costly lesson to folks if we do not make some immediate changes.

Effective this Sunday, we ask that all Sunday CSA Members and Sunday Market goers bypass the turn onto Sawyer and instead go straight to Hanley Avenue, and then onto Comanche to park on the west side of Sweetwater Creek as we have attempted to direct people in the past.

We now have an agreement with two property owners for secure parking on Comanche Avenue (on the WEST side of Sweetwater Creek) from Hanley Road.  Both the church and the owners of the “tan building with the green roof” will allow us to use their parking lots on Sunday for our CSA pick-up and Sunday Market.

We now have 3 secured parking areas on Comanche Avenue from Hanley Road:

1.  Park along the chain link fence as usual

2.  Park in the parking lot of the “tan building with a green roof” (7318 W. Comanche Ave) – there are about 30 parking spaces available.  Look for the Sweetwater parking sign!

3.  If both the parking lot and the fence parking are full, there are another 70 spaces available in the Church parking lot on the corner of Hanley and Comanche (5601 Hanley Road).

Soon you will see new parking signs and parking maps to direct you, and more notices posted at the farm.  Please let us know if you encounter any problems or have any questions about this new parking policy.

Happy neighbors help ensure a sustainable community farm.  Thank you for your help.

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