Hard work will bring Spring Potatoes

This week the farmers are hard at work preparing beds at our farm at The Children’s Home for our spring potato crop. The potato seed will go into furrows, which will be hilled several times and harvested towards the end of the season. This week we’ll be taking the seed potatoes and prepping them for plantings. We receive the seed potatoes whole and need to cut each potato into smaller pieces. Each seed potato will produce several separate potato plants! Some of the varieties we’ll be planting this season include All Blue, Yukon Gold, Prairie Blush and Dark Red Norland. We have also propagated some of our spring plant starts including Sungold tomatoes, Black Cherry tomatoes, Peppers, Eggplant and Basil. In the fields the carrots are coming in very nicely. We are growing a few different varieties this season including Yaya, Cosmic Purple and Nelson. This week we’ll be harvesting beautiful Yaya carrot bunches for the share, which are crisp and sweet!

Join us for some work out in the fields.  There’s plenty to do!

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