Lights, Camera, Action!

Lights! (are strung), Camera! (for the photo booth), Action! (party)

Today is the day we’ve been seeding, planting, and sweating for– its the harvest celebration Planter’s Ball! Throughout the day we have over 40 volunteers coming to get the farm and food ready and we are anticipating 250 guests.  Tickets are still available until 2pm for online purchase or you get them at the door until we’re sold out.

Big whooping thank you to our farmers who will be pulling a long day in the fields harvesting all the goodies for dinner and staying late to join the bash!

See you tonight!

Thank you to our phenomenal farm sponsors at WUSF, Creative Loafing, Uncle Matt’s Juice, M.E. Wilson, Garber Dental, Mauricio Faedo’s Bakery, Vigo Imports and Global Organics. Thank you to Tracy Copes for designing the flyers and tickets.

Big hugs to our “Friends are Family” Table sponsors: Beth Alden, Doug King, and Scott Wetmore.

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