Last weeks of Season

Last two weeks of harvest and the fields keep on providing. We have been very pleased with the yield and taste of the potato crop this spring. This week we will also have some large ‘Candy’ Onions in the share. This is a very sweet bulbing onion that has been growing in the fields since last fall. They still have the tops on them which are as delicious as the bulbs.

We will also have more fennel this week, remember the entire plant is edible. You can eat the bulb and leaves raw in a salad or juice, saute it with some oil, stir-fry or bake it. This plant is a very good digestive aid, the leaves can be made into a tasty tea to help with belly aches.

There is still much to do in the fields in order to get everything harvested and get the fields prepared for the summer. Come out and join us Wednesday through Sunday the rest of the month to help ensure that we harvest everything that’s available. If you can’t come early just let us know when to expect you. Thank you for supporting this community project. Peace


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