It’s potato time!

Potatoes are here and they are delicious! Last week we began digging the ‘Praire Blush’ potatoes, an heirloom variety similar in taste to the Yukon Gold. We also have some ‘King Harry’ white potatoes and some Russet on the way. These first harvest are new potatoes because we have not given them a chance to cure prior to digging. This simply means the skins are thinner and need to be eaten within a couple of weeks.

We only have a small amount of lettuce left that has been standing up to the warm weather, hopefully enough for the remainder of the season. The summer squash have slowed down a bit but the green beans are starting to produce very plentiful, so enjoy.

We have still been pretty busy in the fields harvesting and prepping everything for the summer and next season – so come out and help us Wednesday through Sunday!

Peace, and Happy Mother’s Day!

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