Farming in the USA, or maybe just Florida

In terms of farming in the USA– Florida is weird.  Or maybe it is just generally weird.  Either way– we are basically on the complete opposite of the country in terms of our seasons.  Just as we are putting the cover crop down to let fields lay fallow for the summer, the other states are enjoying their beautiful summer harvests. With this in mind, today is the national CSA sign-up day!

While this day does have the idea that CSAs begin in May and end in October, we in Florida can celebrate it too.  We want to send our gratitude to all of our CSA members this year for trusting us to grow your family’s food and supporting local agriculture.  With our community we are able to keep organic agriculture local and keep our community literate in agriculture by continuing to have an active dialogue about “where your food comes from.”

As we move forward in the season and the year to come we hope that you will continue to support the Tampa Bay agricultural community and Sweetwater CSA program.  On March 1st we will start to accept renewal memberships for the 2015-2016 season and on April 1st we’ll accept new memberships.

Thank you for supporting local agriculture.

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