The Regeneration Handbook: Presentation, Q&A, and Book Signing

In the face of mounting environmental, economic, and social crises, more and more people are waking up to the fact that the status quo is no longer an option and genuinely want to help bring about a just and regenerative future. However, figuring out how and where to start can be overwhelming and confusing.

Fortunately, there is time-tested wisdom that can guide us. In this presentation, activist, author, and Transition Towns Trainer, Don Hall, will share how natural and universal patterns of Transformation, Expansion, Wholeness, and Balance can teach us how to step into our full potential and serve as more effective agents of change in these uncertain and pivotal times.

This event is free, but requires registration. Sweetwater Organic Community Farm is hosting this event, so if you can donate to our organization during the event to defray our organizing costs, we’d appreciate it. Thanks!!

Don Hall is the author of The Regeneration Handbook: Transform Yourself to Transform the World. He has served in a variety of capacities throughout the Transition Towns Movement over the past 15 years and is currently Training Coordinator for the international Transition Network. Don holds a Master’s in Environmental Leadership from Naropa University, blogs at, and lives in community in Boulder, Colorado.