Crazy Fermented Drinks: Shrubs, Oxymels, Squashes, and Switchel

This educational tasting will explore the differences between the fermented drinks known as Shrubs, Oxymels, Squashes, and Switchel; as well as the many flavors of plants that we can use waste aspects of, and that we can easily grow in the Florida Yarden. We will then play with these flavors in making alcoholic and sober curious mocktails.

Instructor Josh Rumschlag, co-founder and master fermenter at Mother Kombucha, is a developer of many of their kombucha drinks and a longtime fermentation guru. Josh has years of experience fiddling around with fermented foods and he really knows his stuff. He’ll share his expertise and answer your questions.

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Class is $25 for General Admission
$10 for Low Income Admission