Permaculture & Money: CLASS CANCELED

It’s so easy for permaculturalists to presume that abundance lies dormant in our landscapes waiting to be activated by installing swales, water catchment, and plant guilds. But why is it that when it comes to permaculture and money the default mindset is one of scarcity, lack, and even disgust?

While we don’t pay much attention to them, some of the major permaculture texts and teachings contain information showing us how to use permaculture to create regenerative livelihoods and economies. It turns out the permaculture principles are just as easily applied to our personal finances as our gardens.

During this session we’ll look at how you can use the extensive permaculture toolkit to design your life (and community) for true wealth and financial resilience.

Laura Oldanie is a green living and money coach who blogs at, where she explores money and lifestyle choices for a regenerative future. Her goal is to help reluctant capitalists achieve financial resilience on a climate challenged planet. Laura’s been featured in CNBC, Forbes, and Good Housekeeping. She is co-author of Growing FREE (Financially Resilient/Economically Empowered), which is essentially a permaculture book on money and livelihoods and received 8 out of 10 acorns from the reviewer at

Class Cost:
General Admission: $30
Low Income/Senior: $10



Although our base price for this course is $30, Sweetwater is a nonprofit that puts on educational programs for elementary schools in the neighborhood and teaches them about food systems and basically where their food comes from. We also host community volunteer days and a farmer’s market every Sunday from November through May. You can donate to Sweetwater in addition to your course fee if you’d like to help us continue our programs. And if you want to get your hands dirty in our gardens you can contribute your time by volunteering Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday mornings from 9-12.