Live Music w/ Laura Lonero

1pm to 2 pm : Laura Lonero

Bay Area singer/songwriter, Laura Lonero, has music running through her veins. Raised by traveling musician parents, she has embraced the musical tradition since a young age. Although family holds immense value for Laura, music holds an equally significant place in her heart. Consequently, she spent many years raising her family while sharing her gift as a teacher. Currently, Laura can be found gracing stages all over the Tampa Bay area. During her performances, she effortlessly tells stories of longing, deep wisdom, and personal experiences. With a captivating voice, expert guitar skills, and a commanding stage presence, Laura leaves a lasting impression on her audience. Laura draws inspiration from musical legends such as Roy Orbison, Jewel, and Jack Johnson, resulting in a unique fusion of their influences in her artistry. When you encounter Laura Lonero’s music, be prepared to not only know her name but also feel an immediate connection, as if you have found a lifelong friend. An authentic sound emanates from Laura, resonating with passion, soul, and raw intensity. Her music is filled with gritty tones that reflect the depths of her emotions and experiences. This genuine and unfiltered expression deeply connects with her audience, forging a powerful bond that surpasses the boundaries between artist and listener. When you listen to Laura Lonero’s music, be ready to embark on a journey that immerses you in the raw authenticity of her soul-stirring sound. Stay tuned for her electrifying live shows and keep an eye out for her upcoming studio recordings. Follow “Laura Lonero” on Facebook and Instagram to stay updated with the latest news and developments.

Singer/songwriter Rich Allen opens the day from noon to 1pm.