Live Music w/ Trevor Bystrom

noon to 2pm

Trevor Bystrom is known for his multi-cultural sound, which blends elements from many genres, including world, rock, reggae, latin, and blues. He will be playing solo on our stage. When playing with his band he creates world melodies and afro-rhythms using many unique instruments from a wide range of cultures, including flute, violin, didgeridoo, ngoni, weissenborn slide guitar, and world percussion.

Trevor fuses sounds and rhythms from around the globe to create memorable songs with captivating instrumentation and inspirational lyrics, centering around current and persisting social and environmental issues. It is a call for listeners to break their acceptance of the status quo and become individual ripples for positive change in the world. His message appeals to a sense of communal responsibility, protection of the earth and all living beings, and a movement towards sustainable living.