Herbs for Mosquitoes with Willow LaMonte

The scent of many plants can help keep mosquitoes away, kill and prevent mosquito larvae in standing water, and deter them from biting us. Learn what herbs to use, many of which are commonly found in our gardens, like Cuban Oregano, Pine Cone Ginger, or Lemongrass. Others, like Beauty-berry and Spanish moss, are readily available Florida natives. Creating safe habitats for mosquito-eating garden toads, frogs, and native bats is another way to cut down on their populations. And, planting flowers for hummingbirds and our other feathered friends will keep them around to also enjoy their mosquito snacks!

Willow LaMonte is a folk herbalist, wildcrafter, and long-time organic gardener. She is a presenter at the annual Florida Herbal Conference, the annual Herb Day event in St. Pete, and the Florida Herb Society. Amidst oak trees in Valrico, she grows a small organic herb nursery and botanical gardens, Willow Herbal Delight Gardens, using Permaculture methods. She loves to dream in Neolithic.

The Gardens are located at the last house on the left on Ray Road (only 1 block long), off of S. Miller Rd., 1/3 mile south of Lumsden Rd. in Valrico. The Church of Christ of Valrico is on the corner of Miller and Ray. Please park fully on the lawn under the oak trees. Welcome!

$15 pre-register, $20 at the door!