Grain to Grist: Home Grain Milling 101

Join us here at Sweetwater Organic Community farm for a lively and informative workshop focused on contrasting commercial grain products vs. home-milled flour! The facilitator, Matt Houser, will provide information about nutritional differences, discuss various options for the aspiring home-miller regarding equipment (burr, impact, rollers, etc) and, demonstrate the milling process with examples of flours created from each!

Matt Houser is an experienced hobbyist home-miller of wheat and other grains, providing fresh-milled 100% whole grain flours using non-GMO grains sourced as locally as possible (NC, SC, TN, VA, etc) for his own use and now he is ready to share his skill with you! This is an alternative to commercially available products that have been altered for the purpose of extending shelf life, for example “enriched flour” sold in grocery stores.

Attendees should expect to have a greater understanding of the processing of wheat and grain products that are commercially available and that there are alternatives to these products that can be made in your home! Matt Houser will de-mystfy the home-milling process for you within the hour and send you home with a batch of his freshly milled pancake flour!

To register for $10, click here!